So, I’ve been trying to shuffle back into using emacs for more things. This week specifically I was looking to wean myself off todoist and get back into using org-mode for tasks/todo’s, etc. I remembered finding a blog post by “but she’s a girl…” on her setup, relevant part repeated here for clarity:

(def-package! org-super-agenda
  :after org-agenda
  (setq org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-done t
      org-agenda-skip-deadline-if-done t
      org-agenda-include-deadlines t
      org-agenda-block-separator nil
      org-agenda-compact-blocks t
      org-agenda-start-day nil ;; i.e. today
      org-agenda-span 1
      org-agenda-start-on-weekday nil)
  (setq org-agenda-custom-commands
        '(("c" "Super view"

I thought, “oh, swell” someone else made a easy config that’s nicer than the one in the project github, this will be useful!

Now, notice the “org-agenda-start-day” set to nil, which defaults the “view” to the current date. I encountered a weird problem where “org-agenda-start-day” seemed to default to “-3d”, which, in effect would cause org-super-agenda to show the wrong date (three days before). No matter what I did it seemed to default back, which set me on a bit of a “I will figure this out out of spite!” path. I spent an hour randomly looking through my own literate config and config.el, nothing seemed to work except for manually running the block which would set things correctly until I next restarted the emacs server / client.

I ended up getting annoyed and asking for help on I joined this particular instance cause it seemed pretty open, without mass fediblocking and such. ( where a helpful person by the name of Sylvain Soliman (@[email protected]) pointed me in the direction of Doom’s +org-init-agenda-h, located at /modules/lang/org/config.el - apparently doom’s org setup would overwrite it and, if you were blindly following instructions from someone else’s setup, would never notice it.

section of config for lang/org/config.el showing doom sets the variable org-agenda-start-day to -3d

Really, this was all just a round about way me saying, if you’re new to doom / emacs / or you’re just forgetful like I am, and something weird seems to be going on, make sure to check what doom is setting in the background.

TLDR: Everything worked out when changing the after! to org instead of org-agenda. Check the doom configs if something weird is going on and try user after! org instead of the specific package to see if that changes anything.