This is a now page, a page that I update every so often to let you know what I’m up to. It’s inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page. It allows a seperation of the “what I’m doing” from the “who I am” and “what I’ve done”.

Right now I’m basically vibing in the rural United States, having been on sabbatical for a year. I mean, I call it a sabbatical but it’s more of a weird covid break combined with wanting to randomly tinker around with other things. Dealing with corporate dashboards gets a bit soul draining after awhile. Would like to eventually move to a more walkable urban environment as the kick-in-the-pants to be (more) social. Difficult to want to do things when you have to drive 30 minutes.


Working on this site, an excuse to learn more javascript and CSS and HTML, etc. etc. Additionally working on reading data science / statistics content - have to get back into the ‘ole grind eventually. Additionally want to somehow automate my “daily” notes in org-roam into a weekly post, think Marginal Revolution’s Weekly Roundup.


I try to do most of my tracking on goodreads. I know, evil Amazon, but the API is pretty good. I try to backup my data but I’m not sure what other good alternatives are. Feel free to suggest some.


I probably -should- cut it back a bit on media consumption. I usually have a single show I use as my “going to bed” show, and then high art/prestige I’ll binge assuming they’re available all at once. I last watched ( show / movie respectively):

JustinVC JustinVC
  • anilist - This counts a bit as reading/watching since I use it to track my anime and manga. I don’t really use the social features but scrobble to it from apps.
  • letterboxd - TODO - make a letterboxd?


I don’t listen to a lot of music, feel free to check my recently played tracks on at brickfrog.

The embed is a spotify playlist that I’ve been listening to recently on spotify:

  • - I don’t use this much, but I do use it to track my music collection. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up, but I do like the idea of having a collection of music I’ve listened to.