This is a now page, a page that I update every so often to let you know what I’m up to. It’s inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page. Incidentally, there’s some overlap with my .plan file, and I’m pondering how to reconcile it all. I still like this for keeping up with my reading/watching, etc. etc.

* I have more than one discord account but this is the one I use for programming language support, blah blah etc. @ me for others.


Copy of my dot plan from the homepage with the image removed. A google doc that I try to keep somewhat relevant.


I try to do most of my tracking on goodreads. I know, evil Amazon, but the API is pretty good. I try to backup my data but I’m not sure what other good alternatives are. Feel free to suggest some.


I last watched (show/movie respectively) via

JustinVC JustinVC

I use anilist for tracking anime/manga. I know there’s a debate on MAL vs. AL, but I like the interface and the GraphQL is nice once you get used to it. (read: salty that brickfrog was taken on MAL)


I don’t listen to a lot of music, feel free to check my recently played tracks on The embed is a spotify playlist that I’ve been listening to recently on spotify:

  • - I don’t use this much, but I do use it to track my music collection. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up, but I do like the idea of having a collection of music I’ve listened to.