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Hello! I’m Justin! I’m just a data scientist/software engineer who likes learning things in his free time. Specifically, my interests generally fall into Open source/emacs, applied mathematics/statistics, Catholic history, poetry, and general pop-culture/anime/manga/-insert nerdy thing here-.


I draw inspiration from Gwern, in design, not content (mostly, I’m not rewriting this into Haskell), but maybe I’ll grow the writing chops eventually, but I also do not necessarily have the want to engage in survive-the-end-times-canticle-of-st-leibowitz type of writing. I plan to focus more on general notes and learnings. I would like to venture into longform writing more, but that remains a future goal. If you can’t tell by now I’m pretty freeform-thought-of-conciousness in my thoughts. Hoping the more I write the better I get about it. I was good at writing papers in college, but that was when I -had- to. Those skills have kind of lapsed a decade later.


In my day-to-day when working I’m generally using Python, at home I’ve started to use Julia for more projects but I don’t see as much non-research employment opportunities in it yet. I admire the beauty of correctness in Rust/Haskell/Idris, etc. but that’s more of a side-hobby. If you can’t tell I tend to get nerd-sniped pretty easily, it’s been something I’ve been working on. It’s honestly interesting how useful a plain linear regression is in the age of deep learning. I think even new-entrants to the field could find enough low-hanging-fruit to keep themselves busy with classical statistical methods and rudimentary machine learning.

That being said, I’m mostly self-educated when it comes to mathematics and coding. My undergraduate degree was in business and real estate. I actually was doing a double major with religion but didn’t finish it. (Not so fun) fact, I originally wanted to be a priest. I did a graduate-degree in decision sciences, but there’s only so much you can cover in two years. I primarily focused on optimization and information systems at that time with my “capstone” focus on education system turnouts in Bolivia.

This site

This site is created with a fork of PaperModX, which I’m calling PaperModulo. Almost everything is written as org-mode documents that I parse with ox-hugo. Hoping that having -everything- as org mode documents makes it easier to write in general, since I use org-mode for my agenda/todo lists, reading (org-noter + pdf-tools) and Okay, sometimes I still use Jupyter and VSCode. Sue me. There’s also some usage of Google docs for things I need there to be less friction on (e.g. - what I’m doing)


I have my own little battlestation that I do my work on, I’ve never been a big laptop person. This is probably (one of the many reasons) I’d do poorly as a consultant. I like using Linux because See my dotfiles. Outside of not being able to (easily) do VR, I don’t particularly miss Windows, and I’ve never been a fan of MacOS. I’m just waiting for the day they put Asahi Linux on the ARM chips.


Beep. Beep. Future TODO, show rig, details on toolings, etc.

Still need to do this. Sorry.