Org-mode nodes represent topics parsed into the RSS reader (elfeed), with feeds assigned tags by their parent headings. I’m also including my favorite articles by a specific post with lists that aren’t parsed (in no particular order - assuming I remember to do this).

Right now I am additionally exporting this as my “blog roll” section of my main site. I could probably stand to clean this up, but still it shows the stuff I deem important enough to watch in my reader. It exports when I save, so it should be kept pretty much to date.

Also, low priority, but I’d like to eventually add an export rule that transforms the links from their feeds to just links to the websites. For now, I trust the reader is smart enough to just remove the /feed, /rss, etc. from the link.




The news is probably a waste of time. Limiting it down to specific publications relevant to my interest/career.




Note that it doesn’t naturally parse, and you need to enter the XML for elfeed-tube to pick it up. I’ve been using to get the links.

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I’ve seen workflows that allow for mpd/mpc and emms to listen to podcasts inside emacs but it seemed fiddly. I plan to list podcasts that have ancillary content here, otherwise I’ll use a dedicated podcasting app.