Right now I am exporting this as my “blog roll” section of my main site. I could probably stand to clean this up, but still it shows the stuff I watch in my reader. It exports when I save, so it should be pretty much to date.

Because this is primarily for feed-reading, most of the links are to feeds. However, I wrote a little regex that converts (most of) the feeds into their respective main sites - for those I miss you can simply remove the /blahblah.xml/rss, etc. - I’m not -great- at regex.

I would note that because it’s for feed-readers, it’s things I might not read 100% of the time, or involve people I disagree with but still am curious to see what they’re saying. I am a big proponent of not treating outgroup as a Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

I would also note that it’s in no particular order. I basically just toss them into the RSS if I find or two posts I think are neat. Future goal is to organize better, but eh.


  • Dev / Software

    Love hate relationships with these sites, but the gems I wander into from them are worth the 95% of self-aggrandizing. I usually put them in their own topic so they don’t clutter up my feeds.



The news is probably a waste of time. Limiting it down to specific publications relevant to my interest/career. Keeping this section open just-in-case.


I like comics. Need to read mores.


As opposed to blog this would be collective works, literary criticism sites, etc. etc. - differentiating profit/mainstream with the magazine vs. zine distinction.





I’ve seen workflows that allow for mpd/mpc and emms to listen to podcasts inside emacs but it seemed fiddly.