Right now I am exporting this as my “blog roll” section of my main site. I could probably stand to clean this up, but still it shows the stuff I watch in my reader. It exports when I save, so it should be pretty much to date.

I’m also (trying to) put a blurb or such on how I found the blog or add the context for why I added it. Because this is primarily for feed-reading, most of the links are to feeds that I tried to regex back into normal links.

If for some reason you’re interested in subsuming my feeds, I keep a copy of the .opml file.




The news is probably a waste of time. Limiting it down to specific publications relevant to my interest/career. Keeping this section open just-in-case.


I like comics. Need to read more.


As opposed to blog this would be collective works, literary criticism sites, etc. etc. - differentiating profit/mainstream with the magazine vs. zine distinction.




I’ve seen workflows that allow for mpd/mpc and emms to listen to podcasts inside emacs but it seemed fiddly.


These are not necessarily feeds, but listings of things I’ve read that might be worth keeping track of for others / things I’ve deemed important enough to read more than once but don’t have a feed associated.

  1. https://equilibriabook.com